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San Francisco State University, BA Mathematics
San Francisco State University, 2 years in MS Program. Mathematics
U.C. Berkeley extension and Stanford University Continuing education in Computer Science and Physics
San Francisco Conservatory of Music, 10 years


V.P., Inner Access, computer systems builders and software developers [1979-2000]
Software consultant to a startup sports monitoring device company and a startup dotcom.


Husband Gary, Investor and startup consultant
Daughter Becket, Ph.D. molecular biology researcher, Genentech

Community Involvement

Resident of Belmont for 35 years
Helped save Sugarloaf mountain from massive development [1978-1982]
San Juan Canyon Preservation Trust [2000-present]
Belmont Historical Society
Member of Cottage Auxiliary in Twin Pines Park

Belmont City Council [1995-1999, 2003-2008] Mayor[1999, 2007]

Introduced Heritage Tree Ordinance.
Introduced Design Review Process.
Introduced Leaf Blower and Construction Noise Ordinance.
Fought for lower density of several key projects to preserve Belmont's charm.
Participated in the Oracle development agreement which guaranteed sales tax of $100,000/yr for 10 years.
Introduced Noise Ordinance that will expand the current ordinance to protect our neighborhoods.
Introduced Anonymous Code Enforcement Reporting to help clean up and beautify Belmont.
Introduced Open Space Ballot Initiative to preserve current low densities in Belmontís Western Hills and in the San Juan Canyon (Measure F).
Responded to residentsí requests to remove hazardous bulbouts in the Sterling Downs Neighborhood.
Played an active role in obtaining the lot at Casa Bona and Semeria to develop a new neighborhood park.
Investigated Chloramine to analyze the potential health consequences to our water supply.
Successfully introduced the idea to review the city's speed hump policy. Prior to this, it was virtually impossible for neighborhoods to get speed humps.
Successfully introduced the idea for removing the Belmont Sports Complex from list of potential economic development sites.

Introduced the Smoking Ordinance protecting people in multi level housing from second hand smoke (complaint driven only)
Introduced Construction Time Limit which sets a time limit for construction.
Introduced resolution against the light brown apple moth aerial spray.

Planning Commissioner [1985-87, 2001-2003]

Revisions to hillside development ordinances
Promoted downtown revitalization
Negotiated as a member of South County Fire board representing Belmont to allow Belmont to pay less for fire protection saving the Belmont Fire Protection District over $400,000 per year



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