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The presidents of each association meet with city staff 4 times a year.  Information is exchanged and if you are interested in reading some very interesting minutes of latest meeting, please read below:








5:30 p.m.



January 29, 2009




Public Works



Belmont Mayor



Code Enforcement Officer



McDougal Park Neighborhood Assn.



City Manager



Public Works Director


de Melo

Community Development Director



Belmont Police Captain



Farallon Neighborhood Association



Belmont City Council Member



Finance Director



NDNU – Executive Director Community Relations



Belmont-San Carlos Fire Department



Parks and Recreation Director



Information Services Director



Belmont Heights Civic Improvement Assn.



Montcarle Neighborhood Assn.



Belmont City Council Member



Cipriani Neighborhood Assn.



Police Chief



Cipriani Neighborhood Assn.



Montcarle Neighborhood Assn.



Community Development



Planning Commission/Belmont Heights Civic Imp. Assn.



Executive Assistant, City Manager’s Office



Belmont Treasurer






5:35 P.M. meeting called to order by City Manager Jack Crist.


Round Table Introductions (Jack Crist)


Agenda Amendments

Because of another meeting, Carlos deMelo requested that his items be moved up on the agenda.


General Plan/Housing Element Update – Carlos deMelo

Amendments to the General Plan and Housing Element Update go hand-in-hand with the Economic Development target sites, Belmont’s short and long term redevelopment potential.


The Council had a policy discussion in July 2008, there was a neighborhood meeting in December of 2008 and in the future there will be a public hearing scheduled, possibly in Spring 2009.


Coralin Feierbach asked that the minutes from the neighborhood meeting be posted on the web, Carlos agreed to do this.


Economic Development Report – Carlos and Thomas

Active sites are:

  1. Shoreway Place (where the current Motel 6 is on the east side of 101) – planned here are two hotels and commercial offices.
  2. Village Center, now being called Emmet’s Plaza includes areas between Ralston and Emmet, also including Safeway and potentially including the Peet’s and Togo’s area.
  3. Firehouse Square – the private development has been approved, will be mixed use containing 6000 sq. ft. retail and 9 condo units.


The community’s vision is to make Belmont a more enjoyable place to live, with places to go at night.  The City needs revenue to pay for what the community wants. 


Bob Kypta stated a concern that traffic might be increased on Ralston because of the Shoreway Place hotel development.  Bob also asked what the revenue would be generated for the City.


Ray Davis said that peak commuter times are different than peak hotel times.


Thomas Fil said that the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) is 10% of the room rate, and it also depends on the number of rooms, but that the revenue would be substantial.


Warren Lieberman gave an example that if there was a 200 room hotel, which had 70% occupancy, and the rooms averaged $150 per night, that would generate $700,000/year in TOT for Belmont.



Parks and Open Space Ballot Measure – Carlos and Jonathan

Belmont’s acquired parklands have different zoning designations.  These parklands vary and can currently be zoned for schools, agriculture or single family homes.  This ballot measure would cleanup all these various properties, making them all zoned the same.  Changing these zones may then require a vote of the people.  This measure is to guarantee long-term protection for our parklands.  For this item to be on the November ballot, it has to be completed by July.



Rapid Notify – Rapid Alert – Don and Mike

Mike Gaffney (Belmont-San Carlos Fire) passed out a brochure on the San Mateo County Alert system.  The system is free of charge and allows residents who register to receive text alerts or emails regarding emergencies they should be aware of in any community they select.  Residents can go online to and follow the instructions for “new users” to sign up.



Photo Red Light Camera Update - Don

Signs for the red light cameras are up throughout the City.  There have been many challenges in working with Caltrans and the State of California on this project.  Caltrans currently wants to evaluate if changes could be made to the intersections to mitigate accidents.


Alameda Restriping - Ray

Recent restriping to provide bike lanes on Alameda removed one northbound lane coming out of San Carlos.  Council received an update last at last Tuesday’s Council meeting (January 27).  City Council referred this item to the Infrastructure Committee for study.  Staff is also meeting with staff from San Carlos, and plan to meet with residents as well.


Don Mattei said that it has been challenging especially with schools in the area, and they may be looking at staggering beginning school times.  Wednesday, Carlmont starts late, and there is not a traffic problem on Wednesdays.


Code Enforcement (Kirk, Thomas and Don)

The final element of the Belmont Smoking Ordinance went into effect on January 9, 2009.  The majority of apartments have complied, few have resisted, and staff is working on bringing them into compliance.  The ordinance has been successful so far, and most tenants are excited about the changes.  A meeting is being set with staff to make sure all is going well and that we are moving in the right direction.


In November 2008, staff took part in a ‘sting’ to locate illegal contractors.  These illegal contractors steal from residents.  To protect themselves, it is advised for residents to check with the Contractors State Licensing Board and the City of Belmont before working with contractors. 


At the February 24 City Council meeting, Council will discuss and provide direction on policy and procedures for code enforcement.


For all Belmont homeowner associations:  Kirk Buckman and Mark Nolfi are available to come to individual association meetings for code enforcement presentations and discussion.  Their goal is to attend each of the 15 homeowner associations to discuss new 2009 codes.


Thomas Fil commented that the Administrative Code Enforcement Team (ACET) meets regularly to share and discuss ideas.  With the efforts on Old County Road, the idea is to make the quality of life better in this area.


Kenn Parsons commented that the utility boxes around town are ‘a mess’ saying that a lot of them are rusty or have graffiti on them. 


Jack Crist said that staff has been meeting with AT&T lately; discussing these and other upgrades the City is interested in.


Don Mattei stated that a staff member regularly uses utility company paint and paints over graffiti.  He also stated that there is a tremendous problem with graffiti now.


Kenn Parsons recommended painting the boxes black as they have had very little problem with the boxes painted black.  Kenn also mentioned that there are some boxes without covers.  Jack Crist asked that Kenn send him the addresses of those boxes.


Agenda Addition – Susan Wright

Susan Wright is a participant in an environmental leadership program called "Be the Change." It's sponsored by Acterra, an environmental nonprofit in Palo Alto.  Susan is helping create a social networking website that allows neighbors to share information and resources with each other to enable them to live a greener lifestyle.  For instance, the website would make it easy for someone to loan or rent out a power washer to other neighbors that currently just sits in their garage.  Or a neighbor could see if anyone would like to join together to get a discount on solar improvements.


Susan would like to find a neighborhood group within Belmont that would like to start using this service. (It's free.)  If any neighborhood group is interested, please contact Susan directly at:  650.483.3839 or


Going Green – Walkability and Earthday – Jonathan

Jonathan commented that he lives in Belmont and it is challenging to walk in this town.  He is working to try and do something about it.  One thing his staff is working on is getting more visibility by cutting down vegetation on sidewalks.  If anyone sees overgrown sidewalks, or an area that needs help, please send Jonathan an email:


Over time, they will also be looking at other ways to improve walkability in Belmont.


Coralin Feierbach received a call from the Mother’s Club in Belmont about 1 ½ years ago; stating that there was no way for them to walk with strollers down to the Alameda from the Central area.


Belmont will have a Beautiful Belmont Earth Day Event at Barrett on April 25.  There will be entertainment, various booths and non-profits – the message will be ‘sustainability’ and use of valuable resources.  During the week heading up to this event, there will be other events as well, including compost giveaways, shredding events and e-waste recycling.


Ray Davis mentioned that each resident is entitled to additional pickup from Allied Waste twice a year.


Linda Donato asked about the Pedestrian/Bike Bridge project.  Ray said that the project has been identified by federal funding – we currently have $2.5 million and need another $5 million.


Garbage Collection Franchise - Ray

Allied Waste currently provides solid waste collection to the City of Belmont.  Belmont is one of 12 agencies in the South Bayside Waste Management Association (SBWMA).  SBWMA is a JPA and have selected Norcal Waste.  Belmont also went through their own process and has also agreed to enter into negotiations with Norcal Waste.  The City Council will be having discussion and direction on this issue at the February 10, 2009 Council meeting.  The new solid waste collection agency will begin in January 2011, and will provide single stream recycling (1 large container for all recyclables – requiring no separating).


SBSA Sewer Treatment Plant Renovation and Associated New Charge on the Tax Bill Beginning 2010 – Ray/Karen

The current Sewer Treatment Plan is very dilapidated and in need of rebuilding.  It is currently estimated that the project will cost approximately $400 million.  Belmont’s share of this is $45 million – and Belmont plans to outreach to residents and businesses to let them know of the increased costs.  Check the Belmont website ( under “hot topics.”


Ray commented that this is the first time the rate payers will pay for infrastructure, as previously it was paid for and built using grant funds.


CERT Training – Mike Gaffney

Mike Gaffney passed around CERT brochures and a flyer on upcoming training dates.  CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) has teamed with Notre Dame de Namur University to have a series of classes.  Contact Christy Adonis at or 650.802.4254 for more information or to register.



Stephen Cann (McDougal Park Neighborhood Assn.) asked if the sewer upgrade was a ‘one-time’ or ‘ongoing’ fee – it will be an annual fee, ongoing.


Kenn Parsons (Belmont Heights Civic Imp. Assn.) said that at their homeowners meeting there was concern about a major slide in the Hallmark Area because of “V” ditches.  He recommended noticing all the homeowners to keep their “V” ditches clean.  Kenn also commented that his association is making progress planting trees, shrubs and flowers.  Another concern was the number of massage parlors in town.  Don Mattei said that the Police department is looking into changing the ordinance for the number of these.


Council Member Lieberman commented that if we have success with Economic Development projects, it will encourage higher quality businesses.


Maureen Freschet thanked the Belmont-San Carlos Fire Department for the CERT training being held on the NDNU campus.  If any homeowner associations have information they want to get out to NDNU campus/students, please send the information directly to her at


John Violet, City Treasurer, announced that the City of Belmont did not have any monies invested in the San Mateo County Investment Pool and thus was not affected by the loss on the Lehman Brothers $150 million investment by the Pool.


Valerie Harnish said the Information Services department is working on updating the new Council approved Technology Plan, and is currently installing e-Vision to allow for 24/7 access to conduct business online. 


Ray Davis said that Public Works is working on:

  • Construction plans for the Emmett House
  • Chula Vista lighting project (McDougal area) – new street lighting standards
  • Sunnyslope neighborhood street improvements


Don Mattei said there has been a lot of graffiti lately.  The Police Department needs the Belmont residents to be the “eyes and ears” of the department and to call them if anyone sees anything suspicious.  (If you think it is suspicious, it is suspicious!)  The department would rather get calls that turn out to be nothing, than to not get calls.  Residents can call Police Chief Don Mattei at his direct line which is 650.595.7421.


Barbara Nevins and Bob Kypta (Montcarle Neighborhood Assn.) thanked staff for the landscape on Ralston Avenue.  Nice addition to Ralston!


Linda Donato (Farallon Neighborhood Assn.) asked staff to look into how dark the pathway is at night between Redwood Shores and Foster City.   Is it possible to add lights?  Kirk Buckman said that they will do research and get back to her as to who owns the property.


Susan Wright said that Coralin Feierbach was on the CBS Evening News last week.


Mayor David Braunstein made several announcements:

  • State of the City will be on Tuesday, March 31 at Carlmont High School in the new theatre.
  • He will keep up the ‘tradition’ of community lunches beginning on February 25.  Look for a press release being distributed soon.
  • David is looking to highlight various community groups to do the Pledge of Allegiance before the Council meetings.  If you know of an interested group, please contact Mayor Braunstein at or City Clerk Terri Cook at