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Coralin Feierbach
Former Belmont City Mayor and Council Member
Last updated: 3/8/21

Do you live in a Single Family zoned neighborhood?
The CA Legislature has just introduced 2 bills that can turn the single family home next door to you into a multi-family building.
The bills are SB9 and SB10.

SB9 (CA Senator Atkins) will end single family zoning (one house/lot) and instead where 1 house now sits, developers can buy it and build 6 to 8 units (some say 10). This will impact 21 million people in California.

SB10 (CA Senator Wiener) will let cities ignore CEQA to allow 10-unit pricey market-rate apartments almost everywhere. It also allows a City Council to override voter-approved land use initiatives.
This is an attack on our 108-year-old right to the initiative process.

To learn more about this click on the slide presentation that illustrates
how it will affect your single-family neighborhood.

Click the picture below for a slide show to see how SB9 and SB10 will affect your neighborhood Click on image below to view a YouTube United Neighbors presentation on SB9 an SB10
No narration, short slide show Narrated by Architect/Planner:
Jeff Kalban

If you are against turning your single family neighborhood zoning into multi-family then, please ASAP join us and contact your CA Senator, Josh Becker whose district covers San Mateo County and part of Santa Clara County.

*Save Our Single Family Neighbood works in conjunction with United Neighbors